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Avanoo Capital Limited is a multifaceted decentralized Money Lending Company licensed by the Lagos State Government Ministry of Home Affairs and SCUML by EFCC. Our variety of services can be well classified into Consumer Lending, Corporate Lending, Alternative Investments, Financial Advisory and Commercial/SME Finance.

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Simplified Application

Riding on latest innovations, we make the processes of application as easy as possible

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A digit interest

We operate with the lowest interest rate that could afford you business growth and easy repayment.

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Property Protection

Because we exist as your partner in progress, we keep every entrusted colatral in safe custody.

Simplify. Optimize. Automate

Having on board seasoned professionals, like nowhere else, we are poised to simplify financial services to the level of layman to avoid exclusion. With our up-todate skills and innovations, we promise to optimize every entrusted business while automating equal business opportunities for all our clients.

Weekly Email Reports

Because we can`t afford to keep you in the dark as an esteemed client, we operate an official weekly Email reports that keep you abreast of your stake and every latest information you need to know.

No Personal Data Collected

We restrict our data collection to what could enable us to relate with you based on business and professional transactions. We don`t ask for personal data that could put your business with us at risk

Happy Customers

The figure you see is a validation of how happy you would become doing business with us.

Positive Ratings

Having this good rating amidst competitors from the highest standard regulatory agencies in our field goes along way to autheticate our unique services.


Our percentage in the rating scale is earned through our passion and dedication to what we do.

One-Stop Solution

  • We have broad spectrum of financial solutions that could meet the needs of individuals and corporate entities

  • Through garnered field experiences and know-how, we are able to automate various financial needs into our sterling services.

Solution that grows with you

Our value driven financial solutions serve as yeast of enlargementto your life`s visions and aspirations.

Connect to our leverage

Our vast field knowledge leading to wealth creation is here simplified into unique services that could bring about your much cherished financial freedom.

  • We are here to provide you an edge-cutting financial services that are beyond what our competitors offer.

  • We operate a win-win investment schemes in various fields of our expertise where you might not on your own envisaged.

Our clients love us as much as we love them
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We provide money lending services to our customers

Avanoo Capital is a secure and robust digital money lending company getting popular all over Nigeria nowadays. We offer the best Proof of Funds, LPO Financing and Loan plans to our account holders


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I had opened an account 2 years ago, I feel safe having Avanoo Capital as my LPO Financiers that have financed my operations severally.. At this point of financial lending relationship, I recommend Avanoo Capital yo you.

Rukayat Raji

Certified Nurse

The is just awesome, best quality service ever I had. You can trust them and bring your business transactions to Avanoo Capital. Their Loan plans are really helpful as I always get funds within 24-Hours because I am very credible.

Nwaego Emeka

Managing Director, NEC

I had opened an account 2023, I feel blessed having Avanoo Capital as my last resort to lean on when it comes to emergency loans to sustain lifestyles. If you need quick loans, think Avanoo Capital

Mrs Gift Adeneye

Employee at CNL

Best quality service ever I had. The money lending system is just awesome. The beneficiary system makes it quite efficient when they take loans from Avanoo Capital.

Hassan Dadi


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